It’s a Kind of a Scary Story

It's 12:31am. The midnight sky was so inky the darkness seemed to have comprehended the celestial lights this time. The night was unnervingly silent even the nocturnal beasts seemed overwhelmed by decorum. The trees stood still, the leaves afraid to begin their aesthetic sighing. Amidst this nightmarish surrounding, trode the village pastor. He was on … Continue reading It’s a Kind of a Scary Story


The Girl in The Checkered Dress.

"Stealth, the predator's greatest weapon. Man, the greatest predator. Stealth, the prey's wisest friend. Man, the wisest prey". Such were the monotonous thoughts flitting through my sleep-deprived mind this morning as I heard, thro my window, the street in its usual tedium. The occasional honking of the exasperated bus driver at a stray perhaps, the … Continue reading The Girl in The Checkered Dress.


The footsteps were still echoing as he walked down the dank passageway... The cold fingers of fear were tightly laced around his frightened heart... The sloshing waters made an eerie sound like that of a monster's throat gulping... blood? "Daddy!", the word came suddenly to his mouth. Daddy? He's sixteen and he screamed "Daddy!"?